Research - Validation Studies 

Isometric reliability test

Year: 1997  Country: Germany   Study Population: N=21 symptom-free and untrained individuals 

Denner A. Muskuläre Profile der Wirbelsäule. Berlin, Heidelberg; Springer; 1997. Chapter 7.4, Ergebnisse Eigener Reliabilitäts- und Validitätsuntersuchungen; p. 163–178.


To investigate the reliability of mobility measurement and isometric strength measurement in David spine devices


Measurements were performed on three different days by an experienced tester. The time interval between each examination day was 72 hours. Tests were performed with David spine devices.


The isometric strength measurements showed a strong correlation (r=0.94-0.99). Also the correlation in mobility measurements (in those movement direction where it was measured) was strong (r=0.90-0.98).