Research - Outcome Studies 

Active, Targeted, and Measured Device-Based Therapy for Low Back Pain With the David Spine Concept. Comparison of 2 Treatment Protocols. 

Year: 2021  Country: Italy  Study Population: N=103  chronic low back pain patients

Fehrmann E, Tuechler K, Kienbacher T, Mair P, Spreitzer J, Fischer L et al. Comparisons in Muscle Function and Training Rehabilitation Outcomes Between Avoidance-Endurance Model Subgroups. The Clinical Journal of Pain 2017;33(10):912-920.


To determine the effectiveness of device–based therapy for low back pain.


Two different treatment protocols with David Spine Concept: Extended protocol: 24 sessions, devices: 110, 120, 130, 150. Short protocol: 16 sessions, devices: 110, 120. Patients exercised two times per week with 20-40% load, 20 reps, 4,5-5 sec. rep duration.

Outcome measures: disability (ODI), pain (VAS), functional status (strength, ROM).


In both programs there was statistically significant improvement in terms of disability, pain, and functional status after treatment.