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Integrierte Versorgung Rückenschmerz: Wissenschaftliche Dokumentation 2006–2008.

(FPZ economic study 1)

Year: 2009  Country: Germany   Study Population: N=2556/952704 (experimental group who had integrated care /control group who had standard care). Data from German health insurance company's database. 

FPZ AG Köln (Hrsg). Integrierte Versorgung Rückenschmerz: Wissenschaftliche Dokumentation 2006–2008. 2009.


To investigate if integrated care for back patients (FPZ Concept which includes exercise therapy for spine) leads to economical savings in medical costs compared to standard care. 


Comparative data of standard care and integrated care were made following these two criteria: Data was required from insured persons of a health insurance company who did not take part in integrated care and both retrospective and prospective results had to be available for this data.

Data was retrieved from a large German health insurance company which was a partner of integrated care for back pain from the start.


Integrated care showed statistically significant savings in the following areas: doctor visits, medication and remedies and aids. In category "incapacity for work", integrated care seemed to be successful if it was started before a time limit of 6 weeks off from work.

Overall the average annual saving were €1,562 per patient.