Research - Validation Studies 

Muscle activity in target muscles in different movement directions of the spine

Year: 1997  Country: Germany   Study Population: N=21 symptom-free and untrained individuals 

Denner A. Muskuläre Profile der Wirbelsäule. Berlin, Heidelberg; Springer; 1997. Chapter 7.4, Ergebnisse Eigener Reliabilitäts- und Validitätsuntersuchungen; p. 163–178.


To analyze the muscle activity of the target muscles compared to other muscles in David spine devices. 


EMG was used to test the isolation of target muscles during maximal isometric contraction. In 110 and 130 devices also muscle activation during submaximal dynamic muscle work (70% of 1 RM) was tested. 


Fixation in David spine devices seems to effectively activate target muscles and inhibit other muscles.