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Reduction of back related sick leave of workers who load and unload aeroplanes, through specific medical training therapy of the back

Year: 2001  Country: Germany   Study Population: N= 95/85 (intervention group/control group)

Sappich B, et al. Reduktion von diagnostischer Arbeitsunfähigkeit bei Ladearbeitern durch eine gezielte medizinische Trainingstherapie für die Wirbelsäule. Arbeitsmedizin Sozialmedizin Umweltmedizin 2001;36:371-377


To prove that back-related unfitness for work can be reduced by specific exercises for the back in workers who load and unload aeroplanes. Further objectives were to reduce expenditure for sick leave, hospital care and medication.


The exercise therapy was based on intensive exercise with resistance training devices that helped to stabilize back muscles. One year intervention. During first 12 weeks 24 training sessions, after which maintaining training effects.

Evaluation of the cost factors was carried out on the basis of personal data provided by the insurance company (AOK).


Reduction of sick days by an average of 7.3 days per worker in a year. Statistically significant improvement were detected in all measured strength counts, performance of trunk muscles and mobility.